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Quality: (7)

The quality was respectable. I didn’t know what to expect from writemypaper4me.com because I was a new customer. As a result of my own procrastination (my fault, I know), I needed a high-quality paper within 3 days. My professor was pleased with the paper; However, in my opinion, the paper could have been better, so I’m only giving the quality a rating of ‘7’ on my writemypaper4me.com review. There was nothing special about the writing, and I felt it didn’t flow naturally, so I made some edits so it sounded more like I had written it. I’m a good writer (as will be evident in this review); my procrastination was the reason I needed the paper written.

Services: (7)

There was nothing special about the services. I did not have any problems finding them and they were user-friendly. If you need it, there’s a chat feature. If you have read many reviews about other essay writing companies, you know that having prices on demand is rare, so having prices listed was a nice surprise. I was disappointed, however, by the options of “basic quality” and “premium quality.” That’s quite irritating. I mean, shouldn’t the quality always be as good as possible? The pop-up chats were also quite annoying. After interacting with “Jesy,” I found out that it was just automated messages that were asking me to order. If you read many writemypaper4me.com reviews, you know that their pushiness was something that other reviewers didn’t like.

Prices: (4)

The prices were fair, but I really needed a higher quality paper. I don’t think I got a paper that was worth the 50 dollars I had paid. A friend of mine also used Writemypaper4me, but she spent 100 dollars and found it to be very overpriced for what she got. She is not the only one who felt this way, as you’ll see mentioned in many other writemypaper4me.com reviews. You’ll be okay, as long as you have a high budget. However, you’ll have to settle for the basic quality review or go somewhere else if you’re a student like me who works part time and only makes enough to pay for rent and food (I could barely afford to write this review).

Support: (7)

The Writemypaper4me customer service team is pretty good, even though they are pushy until you become a customer. When you have questions, they help you within minutes—it could be the automated messages, but they seemed eager to help. The chat option is nice because you can get immediate help, and I don’t have to give my email address to get answers to my questions.

Delivery: (5)

Although it was delivered in a standard compressed document, I had trouble opening the file. I think my writer, David, accidentally sent me a corrupted file. It took him 24 hours to resend the file after I asked for a new one. This would not have been a big deal, except I was so close to my deadline, which is why I’m rating the delivery a ‘5’.

Overall Experience: (6)

Overall, Writemypaper4me, did not impress me. If you want quality, you have to pay a pretty steep price. Although their site is user-friendly, their pop-up messaging is very irritating. My customer service experience was pretty good; however, I did have a problem with delivery. You should read other reviews before you decide whether to use writemypaper4me.com.















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