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Quality: 2

I was not pleased with the quality of my paper from I needed a term paper written on marijuana legalization and I didn’t have the time to complete it myself. This paper was a very important part of my grade in my sociology class. I was depending on it to be superb and impressive in every way. But this is not what I got. My paper had so many misspellings that I couldn’t believe it had been written by a professional. Also, the paper strayed from the instructions that I provided. The formatting was a bit off too. Also, the bibliography and cites section was completely incorrect and it took points away from my grade. I was trying to get a high score, but this term paper ruined it for me. I should never have taken a chance with I probably would have done better just writing the paper myself or maybe even having a kindergartener write it for me.

Services: 2

This company provides all types of writing services for students looking for term papers. A customer can buy a paper, get help, and have a paper written from scratch. I chose to have an original paper written from scratch. This company promises not to plagiarize, but I found one sentence of unoriginal text in the body.

Prices: 2

The prices are ridiculous. I had to save up to have this term paper written. I was expecting a whole lot more for my money. Imagine my surprise when I received a term paper with amateurish writing. I cannot afford the prices any further. It is not something that I can recommend to my friends or fellow classmates. After receiving my term paper, I felt a sting of regret over the money that I wasted with this company. That was money I could have spent with another company.

Support: 3

The website promises 24/7 customer support for its clients. This put me at ease, because I normally have many questions and concerns. I had issues with getting connected with this support system. It was hard to find and the representatives took their time in getting back with me. Other than that, this website basically did what it said it would do, just in an unsatisfactory manner. The website was very professional and enticing to customers who are eager to get their assignments completed by professionals. They even list their various payment methods at the bottom of the page.

Delivery: 2

The website promises to stay on top of deadlines. It said they can even provide assignment due at least 3 hours from now. I received my paper a day late. I don’t understand what the hold-up was since the paper was not impressive at all. Late delivery is unacceptable. That was the final start. The paper was not even delivered with a personalized note that explains what went into the term paper that was written.

Overall: 2.2

This rating speaks for itself. I was not happy with this company and will not use it again or recommend it to anyone else. The quality was very poor, the price was too high, and the paper I ordered was not delivered on a timely basis at all. This paper caused my grade to take a dip in my sociology class. I was pressed for time and sought out this service. I think next time I will take the time to write my own term paper or use another company altogether. I was very disappointed. This company ought to be ashamed to be in business.














            • Latisha says:

              thank you thetermpapers, you screwed up my paper and my final grade. i already asked these morons for a refund but it takes them forever to give me my money back. two more days and imma sue their ass for real

            • willo says:

    , it took me 20 minutes to talk to some guy from your customer support service just to hear that my paper is late and they can’t reach my writer. Is this an okay service? Hell no.

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