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Quality: 4

I was on the brink of failing my psychology class. My professor told me that it was absolutely necessary to ace this term paper, or I might not pass. I was desperate for a solution. My hectic work schedule prevents me from giving my absolute best in these classes, so I decided to turn to a professional writing company. I put in my order right away. The professionals at termpaperwriter.org gave accurate results. I honestly did not learn anything that I didn’t know before, however the paper was very well written and structured. I found it to be a bit boring, but at least they followed the guidelines and got the job done.

Services: 4

This website offers many useful services such as paper writing for many different subjects and projects. My classmates and I were thrilled to learn of these services. Many of us don’t have time to sit and write papers. I have a job as well as go to school full time. I would like to be able to do the assignments, but it is time consuming and I wouldn’t be able to give my best. That’s why I relied on termpaperwriter.org to lend me a helping hand. I’m giving their services a neutral rating because it offers the same basic services as other writing companies and nothing extraordinary. But I personally had a decent experience with their services.

Prices: 4

I think the prices were the going rate with this company. They could stand to be a little bit cheaper, but I understand that the company has to make a profit somehow. I’m already on a tight budget. I have bills to pay and normally wouldn’t be able to afford to have a paper written. but under these circumstances it was completely necessary. It was critical for my grade. So, I went ahead and splurged for this project. Had the prices been more affordable, I wouldn’t have been as stressed. For the price I paid for this paper, the quality could have been a tad better. But overall, I’m content with the fact that I saved up for this paper.

Support: 5

The support from this company was average, but not very impressive. They mostly communicate by email when you first sign up. They take more than a few hours to reply. But when they do respond, they are very polite and helpful. The staff explains the process to you and answers every question precisely. You can always contact them when you need them. But be prepared for a wait. Having support is very important, because papers have deadlines and you need to be updated on the state of your assignment. Thankfully, I had a decent experience, though it wasn’t perfect.

Delivery: 4

Delivery of this assignment was very prompt. At first it went straight to my spam folder so I almost missed it. Of course, I panicked. But I asked them to resend it and they kindly did. All went well and I was able to submit my paper on time.

Overall Experience: 4.2

Termpaperwriter.org was average at best. But it got the job done and I was able to pass my class. Sure, I could’ve had a higher grade, but that’s the price you pay for not doing your own work. Ha! Overall, the staff was professional and timely for the most part. But the next time, I’ll search for other writing services. There may be others that can impress me more than this company. However, I’m pleased with this experience. I’m just glad it’s over. I passed my class and can move on a step further to graduation.

















            • shaq says:

              i had bad experience with these guys, got almost disappointed in ordering papers. but since I work at the factory on double shifts i don’t really have time to write them myself, so i kept looking and found termpapereasy.com. give them a shot, they can write you a decent paper.

            • LaCroix says:

              termpaperwriter.org was quite alright but I’m sure I can find something better for that price

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