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This review takes a thorough look at all of the reviews and testimonials, and decided to try the service for ourselves. The common problems of pricing and quality that were indicated in the reviews were also reflected in the paper that we received. Also, the lack of transparency led us to doubt that the claims they make on their website are everything that they make themselves out to be.

Quality – 4

One review says that the quality is okay but upon further review the credentials of their writers are not provided. All that is indicated is their citizenship and that they are professional and not whether or not they have any knowledge about the subject matter that they are writing about. However, according to one review, the website seems to be a clone of another website called which effects the legitimacy of their service. The paper was properly cited and formatted, but it was not well written and did not reflect the college quality that we had requested.

Services – 4

The website lists the services that they provide. They are limited and people looking for specific services will have to look elsewhere. Stablewriters does not provide projects or book reviews which are very popular options. Stablewriters only lists 10 services which really is not enough for a student. They offer testimonials on their website but they do not go into what type of paper that they ordered.

Prices – 2

Prices are the same for the level of the papers which is disconcerting. Stablewriters charges the same for a dissertation as an essay. The prices are a high school level paper at $16.50 per page with a deadline of 15 + days and a Ph.D level paper at $44.20 per page fwith a deadline of 3-23 hours. These prices are far from affordable and the reviews reflect that in the experience of their clients. There is a discount of 9% for a first order but at a term paper as expensive as it is it isn’t really that much of a discount.

Support – 8

The website clearly lists the support and money back guarantees which is helpful. However, even if the paper is delivered late it is only a partial money back guarantee. The reviews state that they are good on their promise and this level of support is a boon to students who are sometimes wracked with anxiety. They allow for free revisions within 10 business days of the paper. The blog is also about 6 months out of date but it does offer readers practical writing tips that shows that they have engagement.

Delivery – 2

Delivery was on time. However, the paper we requested was a basic level English paper. Upon reading reviews by other users, it seems that many papers arrive late. Furthermore, they did not give the customers prior warning so that they could plan ahead of time. When it comes to grades, students can not afford to have late papers as this could jeopardize their grade point average or scholarships.

Overall experience – 4

Overall, provides a service that is easy to use through the website but is it lacking the quality and depth that many universities need for top level papers. Furthermore, is expensive and the price does not match the writing level that is provided. Students would be better offer going with another service especially for more complicated projects.














            • lale says:

              nothing stable about them lol promised me to deliver my essay in 2 days, i received it a week later, now thats not how you do things

            • holly says:

              Once I placed my order at stablewriters I realized that made a mistake. My guess was right, the price didn’t match the quality at all((

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