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Quality: 9

I recently got made redundant from a job I was in for ten years, so had no idea where to start with my CV when I needed to job hunt again. I read a few reviews and thought they seemed ok, so I decided to take the plunge and hired ResumesLand to write my CV for me. The reviews weren’t wrong! The CV I got back was perfect. Really eye catching and perfectly detailed to help me get my new job!


Services: 8 really took the time to understand what I’d done previously, and what kind of jobs I wanted to target before they wrote my new CV for me. I can’t rate ResumesLand for any less than a 10 in this review for services, because they really gave the human element when they were working with me. They were very easy to work with, and were very professional. The CV I got back was very well written and has worked a treat. I got calls from almost every job I applied for, and managed to land a new job quickly! Anyone who reads this review must hire them!


Prices: 10

The price seemed quite steep when they first quoted, but I’ve never used a service like this before so I wasn’t sure if that was the going rate. I read a few reviews and they seemed to be good, so I thought why not. The reviews weren’t wrong, the CV I got back was absolutely fantastic and worth every penny! I must leave them a gleaming review because of what they’ve done for me and my career, I couldn’t have landed my new job without them!

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Support: 7

The team at ResumesLand were nothing but supportive and professional during my time working with them. As other reviews have said, the team are a lovely bunch who work hard to make sure your CV makes you look fantastic on paper. They sent regular emails to check anything that needed clarifying while they were working on my CV which was very reassuring as it felt like they were really taking the time to get my CV right for me. If I find myself in need of a job hunt again, I will certainly be going back to this company.


Delivery: 10

Another 10 on my review for delivery! My CV was sent over to me very quickly, was well written and presentable, and was just perfect! I couldn’t have produced anything like this myself, so I was really happy to have handling this for me. Being made redundant was a very scary time, and it was more scary when I thought about having to rewrite my CV again. I hadn’t done it for ten years! They took all of the stress away, were very patient with me, and created something I’m thrilled with. I would recommend them to everyone.


Overall Experience: 8.8

My review is nothing but complimentary to the company who managed to build up my confidence after a redundancy and help me write a CV which would get me noticed. What they made for me really does work as well, as every job I applied to with my wonderful new CV caught the attention of the hiring manager. Trying to write a CV when you have no idea where to start is incredibly daunting, and although there are lots of CV writing companies out there, I feel like I struck it lucky when picking this company! I have nothing but thanks for them for how hard they worked on making my experience come to life on paper.













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