Problems with parents

Written by Anna


I got a letter. What would you do in this situation?  

My parents want me to respect my only sister (older). But how could I respect her if she does not respect me? She calls me names idiot, moron, b*tch, as*hole, dumb as*, failure. Sometimes it gets physical, she punches me I punch back, she kicks me I do the same, she spits at me I spit back. My parents don’t know how much she has affected my self-confidence, I don’t even wanna go out when she’s home because I end up changing my whole outfit whenever she stares me down from head to toe. She goes to college (psychology major) and I still have not decided what to take. So she calls me a free loader as if she herself works to help our parents out. She never covers for me, she nags me more than my mom does, she finds out things about me and tells on me. and does not care how those things affect my parents. Our mom is very worried that when we move out, we won’t even want to see each other. Of course, why would I meet up with the monster and bully that has haunted me my whole life???
She criticizes everything about me, especially my friends. Last night she snapped her fingers as if she was ordering a dog and grabbed her laptop from me, I got angry that I pulled the charger. Then she called me “free loader” yet again, I had had it so I told her a single “You son of a bitch”. My parents got home tired from work and the first thing she told them was that I cursed at her. I didn’t even bother to explain myself since I know my parents are tired. I didn’t wanna prolong the confrontation.
What do I do to her? I always wants to get away from her. I’ve always wanted a sister whom I can talk to. I basically have nothing to talk to in my family. The only person I talk to is my cousin, which my sister happens to hate very much. I wanna tell my parents that my sister is not the college kid they think she is because I know she doesn’t even know where she’ll end up after college… but I spare them the heartbreak. She tells me she wants to move out right away I know because she doesnt wanna care for my parents…

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