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Quality: 2

I ordered a paper for my sociology class. I have never been good in that class and needed an excellent paper to bring my grade over the top. I trusted these so-called professionals, but I received a paper that was unorganized and nonsensical. I couldn’t understand this since they claim that all of their staff writers have Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD degrees. I was expecting way more. I turned in my paper, confident that they’d done a great job. I ended up scoring very poorly on this grade due to the services at

Services: 3

This company offers essay writing, editing, problem solving and more. The company’s purpose is to help students to succeed academically. They offer a plethora of services, but I wouldn’t trust giving them any further business. They turned me off with the poor-quality paper that I ordered from them. Perhaps they are better in their other areas of service.

Prices: 4

The prices weren’t bad. Unlike other writing companies, lists their prices on their website. This was very helpful because I knew what to expect when I ordered my paper. I had enough money to get this done. I found the prices to be reasonable. I’m glad they weren’t too expensive since I ended up not satisfied with my order. I believe that offers lower prices than the going rate for professional writing companies. But maybe the low prices are a reflection of the type of quality one will receive.

Support: 2

The website has a chat feature, but nobody ever answered me on a timely basis. I should have taken advantage of their money back guarantee, but I had decided to go ahead with turning in my essay. I regretted this so much. But I learned my lesson and will not utilize this company again. The website itself was pretty easy to navigate. This might be another reason why I was mislead into thinking this company would bring me great results. Since everything is laid out nicely on the website, the representatives probably felt they didn’t need to be as thorough with me.

Delivery: 2

This order was delivered a few hours late. Also, I was very confused when I first received it. There was no letter describing the paper or its contents. I just assumed it was an A+ paper waiting to earn me a high grade. So, I turned it in to my professor without a care in the world. I was very disappointed to learn that this very decision got me a low grade on this assignment. Late delivery is unacceptable. It’s just too bad the paper was trash as well. I got the feeling that my order was rushed and not handled with care.

Overall: 2.6

At this point, there is nothing more to say. I was not pleased with my essay from at all. That’s not to say that others wouldn’t have success. The site listed a number of positive reviews on their services. But I would not use them again. The essay was just thrown together and it looked like it had barely been proofread. That’s just unacceptable coming from this company. I should have got my money back, but in my haste, I turned this assignment in and ended up scoring poorly on this assignment. This affected my grade in this course. I trusted this company to help raise my grade, not to lower it. I will warn all my classmates to avoid this site and focus on writing their own essays by seeking tutoring or guidance from professors. This company is not even worth a second chance. So gets a negative review from me.













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