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I was fooled by the numerous false positive reviews I found on the internet into thinking that they were a competent writing company so I ordered a 5 pages paper from them. It was supposed to take about 14 days so I figured that whoever was going to write it would have ample time to research and give me a well-written paper. If only I knew how wrong I was. Let me break down the review.

Quality 1

The quality of the paper I received left a lot to be desired. The paper was full of grammatical errors and some sentences did not make any sense at all. To make matters worse, the paper turned out to be 90% plagiarized when I ran it through a plagiarism checker. claim that all their writers are qualified both in skill and academics but I highly doubt that that is the case.

Services 1

I will go on record in this review and say that the service in papersgear is simply horrible. I know that they have a lot of positive reviews out there but I am guessing that these are the reviewers who are bought off to give positive reviews on an otherwise horrible service. The service I received was terrible. Even after receiving my badly done paper, there was no way they could help me get a revision without paying extra because “it is policy.” They did not even bother to check whether the writer did a good job or not. They just forwarded the paper to me and released payment to the writer. I guess I only mattered up until the point where they make their commission and then I became expendable.

Prices 2

The prices on are determined by the urgency of your paper and the level of quality that you desire. The lowest rate per page is 19$ which might seem like very little but the quality I got couldn’t even be worth a penny. When it comes to their pricing, the only thing to write home about is the 20% discount that they give to new customers but I don’t think that the discount means much when you receive shoddy work.

Support 1

I can confidently say in this review that the support at papersgear is absolutely the worst that I have ever encountered. In all the reviews that I have come across, the reviewers claim how the support is responsive and friendly and I cannot help but wonder if they are talking about the same writing company that delivered the poor quality paper to me. I tried raising the issue on poor quality but they took ages to respond and when they finally did, they were rude and they did not help at all. I had to have the work redone elsewhere at an extra cost. I am just glad that I proofread before submitting to my professor because that paper would have gotten me into a whole lot of trouble.

Delivery 1

Papersgear delivered my paper a day past the deadline and as if that was not bad enough, they delivered a plagiarized paper that was full of mistakes. In all the writing company reviews that I have done, this company takes the cake on the worst delivery.

Overall Experience 1.2

My overall experience was horrible. It is really bad when you pay for a writing service in good faith and end up with a plagiarized paper full of grammatical errors. It gets even worse when you reach out to customer support for help and realize that the guys that are supposed to make your experience pleasant are not willing to help you at all. I hope that this review saves others from going through the horrible experience that I went through.














            • Gianna M. says:

              I don’t think putting customers on hold for 15 minutes is a good idea. Their support sucks and I wished I never used their services. Either write your paper yourself or trust the work to professionals. not

            • samzo says:

     seems to not give a shit about their customers. when you say you’re gonna call me back, you better do it.

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