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Quality: 2

I am very dissatisfied with the work of Don’t let the credentials of the writers fool you into thinking this company is good. Based on many of the reviews, you might think they deliver excellent work; but I can tell you this is far from the truth. After asking the writer to use American English (my language of choice), I was disappointed to find some British English spelling in my work when I completed a spell-check on the document. Not to mention, the finished product from the Help4assignment writer was average at best. I was wrong to think that the writer could copy my writing style. What a disappointment!

Services: 1

My worst experience was in dealing with the support team. After contacting the support team through their website to let them know I was not satisfied with the completed work, I was expecting to be given a refund. I tried to explain to them how upset I was about the spelling errors I found. They were adamant about me choosing another writer or giving the same writer another chance to redo the work. I don’t think any of the writers are competent and I told them I only want my money back, nothing else. They apologized but went on insisting that they have a no refund policy, so they could not return my money. Make sure you read all of the reviews before you decide to use this company.

Prices: 4

Many of those who have reviewed Help4assignment services agree that the cost is not bad. Some companies charge more and some charge less. Most of the reviews agree that most clients feel the fees are acceptable. I didn’t think the prices were bad, although I do wish I had gotten my payment back since I did not get what I wanted. If you choose to modify the options based on what you want, they really do make it affordable to get what you need. Maybe you can find someone with cheaper fees that will offer better results.

Support: 1

As I said earlier in the review, I was very upset with Help4assignment’s resolution to my problem. Because I am still a student, I do not have a lot of extra money, especially for the completion of my essays. Honestly, I had to get another part-time job so that I could afford to pay someone to work on my paper. It frustrates me that, even though I am so upset about the results of my paper, Help4assignment refused to do anything to help me. Especially since so many of the reviews I read said they were very helpful.

Delivery: 6

I was impressed with how quickly the writer finished the task. It was delivered exactly as expected–no sooner, no later. Communication with the writer was good, albeit short. The time frame of the completed work lined up with the reviews I had read. I wish I had gotten a little better service, but at least it was as expected. I should not have expected anything above and beyond since I do not remember seeing any reviews that talked about it.

Overall Experience: 2.8

Overall, I had a terrible experience with the writing service provided. Even after reading many reviews, I was not prepared for my experience. Although the work was returned quickly, it was average at best. There were many errors in the final work I received and the company refused to compensate me for my bad experience. I ended up having to edit the work again for myself, which was very frustrating. I feel like I wore myself out with another part time job for nothing. I learned my lesson to read every review you can find before you hire someone to do such work; otherwise, you may have to write a negative review like this one.













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