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Quality 6

The quality of the work done on Greenessay is standard. I had checked some of the sample essays on the website before signing up and I found them to be average. There were some mistakes and typos on the samples but I figured that since I could talk to my writer that it would be okay. I wasn’t in a hurry to get my papers done…I just wanted to try as my classmate had recommended it. With regards to my papers yes there were initial grammatical errors and spelling. That was okay because it was just the first draft and my writer said he would of course re-edit it to perfection. Eventually it was the way I wanted it. So I’ll just start off my review by saying that yes you can get the kind of paper you want quality-wise. Just make sure you’re ready for some back and forth with your designated writer.

Services 7

The services provided were okay. I’d even go on to say that they were standard too. I can’t really complain because I only wanted basic essay work done. I had an elective that I really couldn’t be bothered with. My professor just loves to assign essays for the sake of assigning them. Luckily there’s to take care of that stuff for me. With that in mind, I do have to say that if I was doing a specialized course and needed someone with specific knowledge…I wouldn’t have chosen greenessay. In fact none of the reviews that I had read really mentioned that a specific job was done. So like, my older brother is finishing up his dissertation on genetic engineering. I wouldn’t recommend to him if he needed help.

Prices 7

The prices were okay. I had read many reviews (especially reviews) to find out what the value for the price was in this industry. Don’t get me wrong: the prices turned out to be fair fair. I just wanted to make sure that I would be getting my money’s worth before signing up with them. Needless to say, I was somewhat satisfied although for the back and for with the writer on simple things like grammar…it shouldn’t have to cost this much. I do like that greenessay accepts paypal. That’s how I like to buy things these days so it made my life a lot easier.

Support 4

If there’s anything that I found to be a negative (and that’s worth talking about in my review) it’s the customer support. Just in order to contact the customer support team I need to give my name and email. There’s no mention of keeping those things confidential (I get enough spam as is.) I sure hope that it’s been changed after this review. I also had a question about how many revisions I would get with each essay I bought. It took a few minutes to get an answer and then it came with a sales pitch. I understand that they need to push sales but it all felt just too…pushy.

Delivery 7

The delivery was okay. It was all kept confidential (which is what the reviews that I had read had said) and send in a discrete zip file. I can’t complain about this in my review.

Overall Experience 6.2

I’ll finish my review by saying that I was satisfied. I wasn’t too impressed but I wasn’t left to fend for myself either. The prices were reasonable and the quality was fair. The customer service could’ve been better but nothing’s perfect. If you decide to try them then go ahead and leave a review too.













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            • lolipop says:

              Not as bad as some services I hired before but still, lacks something. Something that makes customers stick to a company.

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