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Quality: 7

Quality was quite good. I was new and didn’t actually know what I should expect from I was in great need of a good quality paper and just within 3 days (I know, this is a tight deadline). However, what I received from them, made my professor happy. I could have given a rating more than 7 in my review, but in my opinion I felt that the writing was a bit basic. I did a few changes so that it had a natural flow. I am a good writer, but I didn’t have enough time and this is why I needed to hire their services.

Services: 7

I felt that the services were quite average. They are friendly to use and easy. There is also a scope for chat, in case you feel the need. As for prices, they are available if you ask (I read other reviews of other essay writing companies and this is quite rare). However, the options were quite annoying. What is the difference between ‘premium quality’ and ‘basic quality’? I thought the quality should be the best always. I found this quite frustrating. The pop up chats too are quite distracting. I had a conversation with ‘Jesy’ but soon realized it was automated. Go through other reviews and you will know that many people do not like their pushiness.

Prices: 4

Prices are quite fair. I was in need of a high quality paper and what I received for $50 was certainly not worth it. My friend used and spent around 100 dollars. She thought their services were quite expensive. I have found this in several reviews – I believe many people found their services quite expensive. Students who have a limited budget and who are just making ends meet should do the basic quality or they can search somewhere else.

Support: 7

The support team is good, though they are quite pushy. customer service is not going to disappoint you. They respond within a few seconds of sending them a query. They also help with their automated message service. The chat option provides you support immediately. I do not like to share my email usually.

Delivery: 5

I received the paper in a standard compressed document, but I found it difficult to open. David, my selected writer had actually sent a corrupted file. I asked them to resend again, but it took them 24 hours to send it again. I found this a lot stressful since I had a deadline looming. This is a reason, why I have rated delivery as 5.

Overall Experience: 6

Well – I am not too much happy with You might get high quality work but in that case the price shall be quite high. Their site is simple to use but the pop up messages can be really frustrating. Customer service was good but delivery was not. Go through different reviews and then decide for yourself if you should use their services.













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