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Quality: 2

I placed an order on in hopes of receiving a stellar essay for my Religion class. It was a hectic month, and I didn’t have the necessary time to sit and construct a well-written essay. After searching for professional writing services on the web, I came across this company. Their guarantees of great services drew me in. I placed my order and my hopes were high. However, I received a paper that was dull and full of errors. Luckily, I was able to add some of my own ideas to the essay in time before it was due. For all of that, I could have written the essay myself!

Services: 2 offers different types of writing services for students. After my experience, I really don’t care about any other services they have to offer. But they claim to help with editing and writing college admissions essays as well. Sign-up is easy, and I suspect it’s so they can get to the money as soon as possible. They even offer free revisions, but I was so turned off by the first draft that I wouldn’t even consider having their writers revise my paper. Just like the other writing companies, offers online support services and claims to be available all times of the day and night. I found their representatives to be helpful, but of course, they misrepresented the level of quality they offer.

Prices: 2

I didn’t find the prices to be out of the ordinary at all. I am a student with limited cash, so I didn’t want to spend too much. However, since the quality of this paper was so low, even the small cost that I paid was way too much! There is not much more that I can say about that.

Support: 2

Support was nothing special. I didn’t need to contact support that much because I had so much confidence that the writer would do an outstanding job. I didn’t utilize the support services that much. I just placed my order and waited for the magic to happen. I guess I put too much trust in this company. All the wonderful support in the word wouldn’t have saved me from the horribly written paper that I was provided.

Delivery: 3

Delivery was ok. The essay was delivered as promised. I was just horrified at what I received. At first, I thought it wasn’t even the entire paper. The only great thing about the delivery is that it was prompt. The promptness gave me enough time to fix what wasn’t right with the essay. And there was so much about the essay that wasn’t right! I immediately opened the essay once it was delivered. Almost immediately after that, I went to work on editing and polishing my paper so that it would be acceptable to turn into my teacher.

Overall Experience: 2.2

There was nothing good about my experience using at all. Basically, I did not receive what I expected. I used this service in hopes of saving time and still turning in good work. However, all I ended up doing was wasting my hard-earned money for a paper that was full of errors. It seemed to be written by an amateur. I will warn all my classmates and any other students I know to avoid It is not worth it. I would have had a much better grade if I had made the time to write my very own paper or at least used another writing service.













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