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Quality: 7

In general, the quality was satisfactory. The final resume submitted to me after I have forwarded all details to my writer was good. I’d say it was not as convincing as I expected it but it is somehow acceptable. The writing style is just really like the usual, wasn’t really as outstanding as I hope it would turn out but, okay. To date, it has not assisted me in any way in my job search however it may be too soon to make conclusions. When I went over the reviews, maybe I was just too eager about the assistance I can get from Essayonlinestore. This is where I stand corrected.

Services: 5

I was not happy with the review; my initial impression wasn’t nice either. may have that corporate feel and I must say I felt rather uncomfortable upon sign up (I was really frantic to look for assistance). Their support team was really courteous especially when I asked assistance to look at some reviews for I found the reviews sensible and straightforward. The writer I have chosen was really courteous but it took time for her to get back to me on certain requests. I wanted to have my CV right away so I could begin looking for a job. I guess my writer did not realize this; thus, I am giving a 5’ on this review.

Prices: 5

Frankly, the cost should have been made budget-friendly. I have only recently completed my college studies and obviously don’t have that much earnings or savings yet. It just seems that the cost wasn’t that considerate towards the struggles of fresh grads, well, it felt like that for me. While going over several reviews from it did say something about flexible costs. Maybe they were but since what I wanted was something urgent, I would have to pay the higher fee. I’m wondering why nobody bothered to mention this on their personal reviews for

Support: 6

What I loved about Essayonlinestore was their support team. They were prompt in responding and they were really courteous. Unfortunately, they were not that helpful in terms of my issue about the review costs. I did ask them if it was possible to make the services more budget-friendly since the only requirement I have on my resume was to have it expedited. I was told it was out of their scope but it really felt like they didn’t do their utmost best to help me. I’ll give them just a 6 on this review.

Delivery: 5

The completion time frame was acceptable. It was done within the time frame which I could afford to assign based on what was stated on the Essayonlinestore website; thus, it wasn’t really surprising. I just hoped that the writer was prompt in getting back to me so it could have been submitted earlier. I’m hesitant to rate it higher than the satisfactory rate on this review since, I did emphasize that I wanted it completed right away.

Overall Experience: 5.6

To be quite frank, my overall experience with is somehow satisfactory. It’s just similar to those organizations which do not really go the extra mile to wow the client. The support team was really courteous and really tried to assist me. The writer assigned to me was a pleasant gentleman with excellent credentials. He was consistent with what was stated on his profile although he just really took so much time to get back to me than I’ve expected. Well, I was really behind my schedule; thus, I had to choose an organization right away. After I have gone over the reviews from several writing institutions, I picked this. Looking back, I can only wish I took my sweet time in reading every one of the reviews keenly. Nevertheless, I now have with me my complete resume and this will be really helpful for me to begin looking for jobs.













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