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Quality: 9

Everything I needed to be done on was completed, and quite satisfactorily at that! Overall, I’m quite pleased with the service I received on the site. The reviews of the site all reflected accurate representations of the quality of work I received from the writer. I didn’t have the highest expectations going into the arrangement but wow – I’m blown away. Essay2go really helped me get my writing to where it needed be. The only reason I’m not giving this section of the review perfect 10 is that the writer on essay2go didn’t use the font I required for my essay.

Services: 8

With a user-friendly interface, it’s hard not to rate this section highly! Overall, my experience was decent. While many websites throw you through a multi-stage registration process that often requires customers to view unnecessary and annoying bits of information, essay2go let me skip to the parts I needed. When reading other’s reviews, I found that many other writers also found this convenient. It’s great knowing that it’ll be this easy to get another assignment written in the near future! While the initial setup and registration were both quite easy, it was kind of tough trying to find the perfect writer for my needs. I couldn’t find, in any reviews, anything that would help make this part of the arrangement easier.

Prices: 10

I read an review that spoke highly of the prices offered on the site. I didn’t expect them to be less than $10, however; this truly is magnificent pricing. Compared to the quality of the products, you’d expect essay2go to price their products much higher. You can even get your drafts done for free, which is an excellent, stress-relieving portion of the site’s services. This helps ensure that the writer you’re using gets everything correctly written the way that you request it to be written. You aren’t paying for more than you’d need, either – you can arrange your writing to get rid of items you don’t need to be completed. Overall, this was the perfect pricing experience in my books!

Support: 7

There isn’t much that I can say regarding the support team of essay2go. The reviews that I read all mentioned that the support team was great, however. I didn’t have to contact them at all, with the exception of one thing – I needed to pay in pesos, a currency which I wasn’t sure that they’d accept. Peter, the gentlemen who spoke to me, answered my questions in an efficient and courteous manner. Who knew that such a strange request would be answered so sincerely and quickly!

Delivery: 10

My writer was spot-on with her delivery; There wasn’t a single second of delay I experienced! I’m stoked that the work I requested on was delivered to me in a prompt manner, right before my specified deadline. This is one of the most thrilling parts of the review, for me.

Overall: 8.8

If you’re looking for a positive review, this one certainly fits the bill; is a sensational website that offers accurate, quality and affordable work to its customers. It’s amazing to see a site that was as great as every review I’ve read. Every moment I had on the site was well spent, to say the least! While I didn’t have much correspondence with the support team, I simply didn’t need to talk to them – my overall experience was fabulous!















            • Mary says:

              “Who would read this review, for Christ’s sake!” – that’s what I thought when I saw this site. was a very spontaneous choice and I’ll never hire this company again. My assignment instructions were not followed at all.

            • Alison says:

              I could not believe that such writing companies as essay2go still exist! Guys, you need to do something with your support team and hire people who do speak ENGLISH.

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