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After reading a few reviews, I decided that I will order from them. Their reviews said that they have all Ph.D. writers. I read one review that said they were the best. I trusted that review and hired them. Here are my findings.

Quality – 2

The quality of the report was much lower than expected. There were some reviews that had mentioned their lack of quality. I guess I should’ve believed them. I hope someone will believe this review and save their money. I highly doubt that they have Ph.D. writers. Their writing was very naïve and the report was written like a student. While they do say that all their writers are experts and experienced, I highly doubt it. The report was choppily written and a large part of the content did not make much sense. If you are a student reading this review, I will suggest that you should hire someone else.

Services – 2

Worst service ever. The report was bad and some parts of it showed up in plagiarism checker. It’s a good thing I tested it on my own. If my professor tested it, he would throw it away without even considering it. Certainly one of the worst services. They were quick to take my order but slow to process it. The delivery was two days late. I tried to contact them for a reply but they gave a delayed reply that the writer is working on it. And when I finally got the document, it was all bad. I hope my reviews will help someone and they will look for a better service than EduGeeksClub.

Prices – 4

They charge about $20 for a page. This is not cheap but it was something I could afford – at least at that time. I would like to mention in this review that they offer a discount on first time offers so students can avail that. However, for your next order, the price is going to be expensive, which isn’t fair. Anyway, I doubt anyone will come to them after one failed assignment.

Support – 2

Not very good. My assignment got late and I sent them an email that was never replied to. Then I mailed again. They finally replied back, saying they are working on it. The support is not very happy when you want help. I don’t even know the purpose of support if they are not there to help you. Isn’t support meant to help you out?

Delivery – 1

Two days late – it’s not what they promise on their website. Visit and they have written that they deliver on time. Totally false – they delayed the report and then stopped replying when I asked for an update. When I sent another mail to EduGeeksClub, they finally replied that the writer is working on it. How long does it take to write a 4-page report? I already gave them 10 days and then they took 2 more. After 12 days, the report looked like someone spent hardly one hour on it. Guys, don’t trust their fake positive reviews, they give really crappy work.

Overall experience – 2.2

Ordering from was a horrible experience. I did not get the report on time. And whatever I got was really bad. Since I had no other option, I removed the plagiarized parts and sent it to my professor, only to get a really bad grade. I’ve never had such a low grade in my life. It was such a bad experience that I will never hire any homework service from now on. I wonder if there are any good services out there or all of them are like EdugeeksClub.














            • Alison says:

              I hired Edugeeksclub as I needed help with my research paper in history. The overall result wasn’t bad but they refused to format it properly. That was weird.

              • psfkr says:

                i know right same thing hapend to me the paper was ok byt it was done in mla and i needed it in apa so i called them and aksed to redo it and they refused to. wtf man

            • Garrett says:

              Before you place an order at edugeeksclub make sure you have a couple of days more in your disposal. Don’t trust their “urgent order” options.

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