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Quality: 1

I was totally shocked by what I received from It was full of grammar and spelling errors and needed a lot of editing. To top it all, the facts too were not correct. I had gone through a number of reviews about the services by the provider, but good reviews definitely outweighed the bad ones. I believed I could definitely give them a try. I was completely wrong. I simply cannot believe that such a professional service provider could actually submit such poor quality work. The work was copy pasted from various sources which were not reliable either.

Services: 1

Just as the essay, their service is also terribly poor. I paid for their services but did not hear from them for a long time. I had to ask them confirm that they were working on my work. As I finally got them to respond, I enquired about the status of the work and how it was going. I had to wait another long time before I got a response from once again. A week later they sent the essay. The service is really bad and this is why I am posting such a bad review. They do not value their customers. All I felt that just wanted the money and they are not bothered about customer satisfaction at all.

Prices: 2

I selected because I thought they had the lowest prices when I checked around the prices of other providers. I found that the price they were charging is quite reasonable. However, I soon realized that I was completely wrong. Though I paid an amount for good service, what I received was totally rubbish. The best part is when I showed my annoyance for not getting what I paid for, they said they would return my money. However, this did not happen. I got in touch with them many times but they soon stopped responding. I actually paid for something which I couldn’t use. Hope my review helps other people.

Support: 1

Just like all other services of, the support too is pathetic. If you have checked their website, you would believe that it is a reliable company which really appreciates customers and loves to stay in touch with them. In reality this is absolutely false. Through my experience I can say, does not care. There are many other reviews which suggest same kind of experience. I sincerely hope that the provider changes their ways or customers will be forced to go somewhere else.

Delivery: 1

Delivery was nothing better! It was poor. I had set the deadline much earlier because I was a bit apprehensive and wanted to be on the safer side. I needed time to review my essay before I would submit it. I am so happy I took time. They sent it just on time. If I were to submit it right away, I would have definitely been in a soup. The work needed a lot of editing and changes. I got in touch with but they did not respond. The essay was factually incorrect and there were plenty of mistakes as well. I made a mistake by not clearly reading other reviews before I chose to hire the company. It is not worth the money you choose to spend.

Overall Experience: 1.2

Unfortunately my overall experience is poor and hence this negative review. My experience was bad and I would like to warn others too. Their essay writing ability is poor. I would have failed if I submitted what I received from them. The price was reasonable but the work which they sent was definitely not worth it. They do not follow their ‘100% money back guarantee’ as mentioned in the website. I sincerely hope that when they read this bad review they bring some changes in their method of operation. The company should not be providing such kind of poor services.













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            • Nancy Gallagher says:

     tried to catch my attention with a cute baby and they did because I love babies. I ordered a paper for my grandson as a Birthday present because he is working night shifts at McDonald’s and doesn’t have much time to spend on writing papers. I expected to see a smile on his face after he came home with an essay I got from this company. But he got F and said it was his worst birthday ever. The day was ruined, all thanks to you,!

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