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Quality: 4

It is generally assumed that will provide you good quality essays, as we read through the many reviews. But, when I got my essay, unfortunately I noticed a number of grammar and spelling mistakes. I needed to change a lot of these. These changes were not large but they are quite noticeable and are quite unprofessional. If I wouldn’t have read it, I would have definitely made a mistake. I should have checked the reviews before and enquired more about the quality. The essay was good factually but the errors were bad.

Services: 6

The service provided was sort of ok but as portrayed themselves in their website, I was expecting much better services. The support team was quite helpful and seemed to be quite helpful and expert when I had a good conversation with them. However, when I spoke to them later on, I realized that their responses were very slow. I was apprehensive about meeting their deadline for submission. I received my essays on time but I am rating them 6 in my review because I believe they could have been better with their communication.

Prices: 7

I read other reviews but they did not mention anything about the prices of the essays. This is quite surprising because I found that the price is quite good. The website also has a price calculator which helps in entering the level of the essay you need. You can also mention the date of essay, when you will need it. This is simple and quite easy. However, the price was more than what I had quoted originally. This should have been communicated well so that the pricing structure is well understood.

Support: 5

The support services of definitely need to improve. After the poor services I received, I went through some reviews and found that a few people had complained about bad experiences. The team was quite silent after I paid them the money and mentioned the specific requirements. I also searched the website so that I could find various ways of getting in touch with them, since they were not responding to the emails I was sending them. Finally when I spoke to a person, I found the person to be quite helpful and polite. However, if they had responded earlier I would have rated them much more.

Delivery: 4 did not meet their commitment to deliver high quality content. Just as it was mentioned in several other reviews, I found plenty of errors in the essay. They needed change and the errors were quite disappointing and not expected from such a professional company. They sent it before the deadline, hence I had time to make corrections otherwise I would have been in real trouble. My review would have been quite different if they met my expectations and if they delivered what I wanted. I am offering an average score because of such an average delivery.

Overall Experience: 5.2

I would rate the overall experience as 5.2 because I did not find the provider to be great. They managed to give themselves a great perception but they did not actually meet my expectation. It was good working with but they took a lot of time in responding to my questions. The experience was not stress-free or smooth because I did not find anything perfect with the provider. The price was quite good but the service was not what I had paid for. The final piece had several errors and caused a lot of disappointment. I might not use the services of the company, if they do not improve their delivery or services.













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