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We all can relate to being overwhelmed. Often, even professionals and students get overwhelmed, particularly when they have to meet a variety of tight deadlines. Writing services such as are becoming increasingly popular as the go to sites for written assignments that need to be completed in a timely manner. The site caters to writing in a variety of different continents and regions, such as the UK, Europe, and the US. All forms of writing services are offered, from copywriting to essay services.

Quality: 8 has a few top-notch features. One desirable feature is the process they put their writers through when they apply to write for their site. On top of most writers needing an advanced degree in relevant fields, requires the passing of a tough grammar and writing exam. The exam must be passed by writers on their site. From a wide range of areas, their writers come from places like the United States, Canada, and New Zealand.

The paper is checked in two different ways. The writer must execute both methods in order for the assignment to be considered “complete”. Oh yeah – this comes at no cost to the customer.

Services: 8

You won’t find yourself bogged down with a boatload of additional fees on Whether you need your assignment to be organized with a table of contents, or whether you’re in need of a plagiarism check, you’ll assuredly have your wishes granted, without a pileup of cash on your end. You’ll also have unlimited revisions of your final product for ten days, once it’s been completed.

Prices: 8

First, we’ll note that provides secure methods of check out for their users. On the flip side, the service doesn’t give their prices out easily. While you won’t have to pay any money up front for an arrangement with a client, they don’t give prices away until you’ve discussed your terms with your client. This can make the whole system a tad foreboding since most of us want to know the prices of the services we’re about to partake in.

Support: 9

While the site certainly doesn’t disclose its payment information, you’re able to glean a lot more about their services by viewing specific pages. For instance, you can learn a lot from their FAQ page, which has a lot of answers to questions commonly asked of the site’s writers. You can contact the site’s support team with an around the clock chat feature. You’re also able to contact your writers through a private chat system maintained by the site.

Delivery: 8

Once your assignment has been completed, you’ll be notified on the site and a downloadable copy will be sent to you. It could be in the MSword format or .PDF format.

Overall Experience: 8 is top-notch writing service that caters to both students and professionals in need of quickly written assignments. Their staff is top notch and delivers high-quality material. The site doesn’t disclose pricing of its products, but writing offered doesn’t charge for additional services, such as plagiarism checks or additional revisions. It’s a great way to get your work done quickly, professionally, and thoroughly.














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