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Here’s a review about that will give you a good idea of what you can expect from this online writing service.

Quality: 4

Here is my review of AssignmentMasters. I used its online writing services about two weeks ago. I can honestly say it was OK. I had them write a paper for my psychology class. The writer I worked with seemed to understand what I needed from them. The paper that they sent me back met the requirements barely, but it was good enough for me to turn into my professor without issue. It wasn’t a super great paper that would earn me high marks, but it was good enough to get this assignment done and pass my class. Just like all the other reviews say, you will be somewhat satisfied with your paper from AssignmentMasters as I was. The reviews on this are accurate.

Services: 5

AssignmentMasters does offer a lot of services. It can pretty much write anything that you would ever need for a university assignment. There was really no issue with it that way. I personally didn’t have a huge requirement for my assignment, so I didn’t have to use its more complex services, which I am sure cost more. I got just what I needed. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Prices: 6

Probably the best thing about AssignmentMasters is that its prices are fair. Of course, I would have liked to have paid less, but I thought they had a pretty decent price list. I know some of the other reviews say it is more expensive than other writing services but I am sure it is a matter of you get what you pay for or at least I thought so. You can believe the other reviews if you want to but I am telling you the truth here.

Support: 4

Here’s where my review takes a turn for the worse, sort of. I wasn’t overly impressed with the support I received from AssignmentMasters. I couldn’t really figure out the way this writing service worked at first, so I needed some help. I tried to get support to answer my questions, but it seemed like it was giving me the runaround. Maybe it was me, and I just couldn’t understand what it was trying to tell me. You’ll have to figure this out for yourself as there are no reviews that explain this fact. I checked.

Delivery: 7

I wanted to tell in my review here, that AssignmentMasters did deliver my paper on time. I made the deadline for my class easily and didn’t have any issues with that, so that was good. I have to admit I was worried it would be late but AssignmentMasters came through and delivered on time, so you won’t have an issue with this online writing service that way.

Overall Experience: 5.2

I would say that my overall experience with AssignmentMasters was satisfactory. It didn’t try to go out of its way to impress me in any way. It delivered a decent paper on time that I didn’t have to change or anything. I got an average grade on my assignment, and I will easily pass the class. The price is pretty fair for a college student to pay when you consider AssignmentMasters is doing all the work. I wouldn’t go as far as recommending this writing service to my friends, but I will say if you need something quick it may be able to help you. As I said, you won’t get an amazing grade, but you will pass the class, which may be all you need.













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